Saturday, July 26, 2014


"Mom - national shopping holiday - let's do this!" I said, the excitement of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale already growing in my chest coupled with the dread I hadn't taken the plunge on a card to go early. With the date set, online catalog previewed and a daddy for children secured, we were off. So what did we find?!

Given the monthly daycare bill doesn't quite equate to "go ahead and nab what you want at the Nordy's sale," I walked away with two things:

Louise et Cie Lo-Azalya flats
Just kidding!!! What IS this item Nordy's?! Or should I say Justice?!

Nadri stud earrings

Way too practical for the sale, I know. Darn kids...

Now if money were no option, there was a slew of items I would've gladly handed over the dolla dolla bills for, such as:
Marc by Marc messenger bag in cement

Michael Kors Brandy watch
MK aviators

Not to mention a bag full of boys' shoes, a fabulous Tory neutral tote, a few Nike this and Adidas that and a Northface item in each color.

Once again you've knocked it out of the park Nordy's. Love ya, girl.

One more week to shop!

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