Saturday, July 26, 2014

Gettin' Private

"Yeah, I don't know the secret sauce to getting him confident in the water," I said to my friend, understanding and a potential solution brewing behind her eyes.

Her answer: private swim lessons.

For months we had tried lessons at our gym, the result being a cold and frustrated mommy from what felt mostly like play time in the water. At the end of each session, we generally ended up with inconsistency and little skill, making that statistic of never learning to swim by first grade sitting in the back of my mind. There's very few swords this mama bear chooses to die on, but learning to swim so you're safe, confident and can enjoy summers with friends and having it as a lifeskill is one of them.

So with the goal of getting the almost 5-year old to put his face in and maybe move his arms once in awhile (to be fair, those Puddle Jumpers, which are awesome, are no help), we set out for our first private lesson.

And I'll be darned if that girl didn't have him diving with his face down and floating on his back within 20 minutes.

You go girl. And you rock it boy.

And days later, he applied the skills at a child's birthday party!

These private lessons? Worth every penny.

Let me know if you want a referral and thanks to D for getting our little fish started. We can't wait to see what he does next!

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