Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkins With a Twist

I know, I know...Halloween is like, two hours away or something like that. But hey, that's how some moms between two jobs with harried houses and lack of sleep operate, yes?!. And you can still make it work! For example, we are assigned cheese for tomorrow's class parties and *wala!*

Kraft slices pumpkin style. I'm sure they'd be even more adorable with raisin eyes and a jack-o-lantern mouth, but we parents have a rule at going Pinterest and creating competition. We're all just surviving here people.

Secondly, with two kiddos with food allergies, we are participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project this year:

Thanks to our bestest neighbors, we have a metallic teal pumpkin at our door and a sign indicating we have non-food treats available for the trick-or-treaters who can't have many of the goodies but sill want to participate in the Halloween fun. Learn more and support these families by visiting the food allergy site.

Other than that, the costumes have been laid out (uncertain if all pieces included), buckets ready to roll and candy secured.

Let's do this Halloween.

Tricks and treats to you and yours!

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