Monday, October 20, 2014

Shoppin' The Mart

"Oh my geeeeee! Tomorrow is the day!" I blabbered excitedly, perusing the Holiday Mart site as to which vendors would receive the majority of me and my Mom's money. Furiously scribbling a list, it was anticipated that sleep was not in the cards for the evening.

An annual tradition, Mom and I head down to Bartle Hall and delight in all that is Holiday Mart, an event hosted by Kansas City's Junior League that features hundreds of retailers with unique gifts and goodies to take home. It may even outrank the Nordstrom Anniversary sale if you can believe that...

This year they outdid themselves once again with booths and booths of loveliness from ensembles to personalized items, gear you can't find anywhere else and aisles and aisles of jewels. In short, it's a shopper's dream. And as always, I'm sharing with you my finds with some sloppy pics:

Some Christmas gear for the upcoming season

Chalk in your family abode details!

Yum, yum, gimme some! Cherry salsa went home with us too of course

Sparkles! And finally splurged on that Oragami Owl necklace that already
has a billion charms in it including charms for the boys, the mister, KS, writer, etc.

A ginormous, custom painted letter for above the Little's crib
And the biggest hit of the show: $15 bow and arrows! Kids of all ages
were going bananas for them. Each Mom had five strapped on her shoulder as she shopped

Did you hit the 'Mart this year? If yes, what were your finds?


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