Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ellie = Not the Face of Innocence

I know, I know, she looks completely harmless and is the traditional "shoe-in" dog for those looking for a loyal companion, perfect with kids and easy to train. But let's review a few snapshots of reality, shall we? ("Aunt" Jennie - if you're reading this...none of this will come as a surprise):

Advocate of recycling, or book killer? (Note: this is one of those items I would grab in a fire - it's a scrapbook my girlfriends created for my bridal shower. Did I also mention she ate our house title, an heirloom bible and a doggie lullaby cd - issues much?)

Thrifty or a spender? Really, in this economy, she should be ashamed.

Other notable traits: chronic toe licker, particularly of those not interested in dogs; digging, but only in the wettest of muds; hair shedding (think one vacuum bag full for one room); mommy attachment issues; blowing bubbles in her water dish; swimming underneath the water; displaying her lady bits; finding boyfriends at daycare; laying on feet; rubbing like a cat; knocking down innocent bystanders with her "love"; her wariness of anyone under 5'1; entitlement to the bed; always holding the leash in her mouth on walks; "HUFF" sounds to get her point across and so much more!

Ok, so we may bitch about our bitch sometimes, but really...she is the best. We often comment on how we'll never find someone who will unconditionally love us the way she does. Muddy paws or not, nothing can replace the gaze of love, the undying commitment to "her person," and the joy that only a 90-lb blonde can bring. We love you Miss Ellie.

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