Monday, April 20, 2009

How to Assess if You Watch Too Much CSI...

Enjoying one of spring's most beautiful days, Mike and I strolled the Plaza letting the sun hit our souls and daydreaming about all that is to come with baby-to-be. As we rounded the corner near Anthropologie, we are hit with the whirring sounds of helicopter wings above and are startled by its closeness as it hovers near the beautiful store front. Instantly, we both get in "CSI mode" and begin contemplating all the gruesome discoveries we could so gleefully find on the next block. Mumbling about purple fibers and trying to interpret the body language of those surrounding us, we go into full Horatio stance:

Megan: (dips her sunglasses for effect)
Mike: (stares at me out of his peripheral vision - assessing if this is a case we should follow)
Megan: (senses the go aheadedness of the stare and says - "we should follow it right?"
Mike: "You want to?"
Megan: "Duh!"
Both: (walk shockingly fast - particularly for a pregnant woman, who is also clutching her belly for the covert op)
Megan: (passes a set of cops who are feverishly chatting - catches the phrase 690...)
Megan: (in a hissing whisper to Mike) - "690!!!! What do you think that means?!"
Mike: "I don't know - probably something cool like a stabbing or robbery!"
Both: (now almost jogging at this point, rounding corner near dog bakery)
Both: (clutch each other and stare into the distance, assessing any crowds and of course trying to spot the assailant)
Both: (now looking odd and just out of place among the quiet shoppers at this point)
Both: (share an inquisitive stare)
Both: (notice the police are giggling - noting they are saying things like )- "they called a 690 for that?!"
Megan: "Mission denied for now. But we'll watch the news later."
Mike: "Bummer dude."
Megan: (situates sunglasses again...for effect)

Meanwhile, both parties are still searching Google for what 690 means...Horatio?

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