Monday, April 20, 2009

The Pitter Patter of Little Feet!

Perched at my desk last Thursday, one leg tucked under the other (not a great preggo position by the way), I had the strangest sensation bubble up in my tummy. Ignoring it as a potential culprit to one of "life's little pains in the side," I went about the daily grind of putting out fires and responding to emails. Minutes later it reappeared, like the faintest of taps on my insides - almost if someone was gently running their fingers along your arm...the kind that evoke goosebumps and raise smiles. When it happened a third time, I grew excited and visited my favorite baby sites and sent Laney a text, only to have her excitedly spend the next ten minutes reviewing with me that yes, indeed, that was Baby Choate alerting me its alive and well and is a miracle to be!

With flushed cheeks and the widest of smiles, I called Mike to let him know our little angel was sending its message that its here and means business and is about to change our lives forever. Though I could hear him beaming through the phone, I know he longs for the week those punts get a little stronger so he too can share in the joy.

For now, it's our little secret. And a good one at that! Juicy, miraculous, incredible, amazing and for me, the hottest gossip around.

Now, on to researching coping methods for the times when the little guy/girl isn't swimming about and that irrational mommy fear settles in...


GiGi said...

isn't it amazing???!! soooo excited for you! just makes everything seem that much more real, doesn't it???
btw--you have a gift for writing my dear-just sayin'.
love you!

Leslie Hansen said...

That is so exciting Mom! Congrats! I'm sure it makes it feel so much more real!

Love you Miss you!