Monday, April 20, 2009


True it's the crooning of Elvis's voice you generally think of when "Heartbreak Hotel" hits the radio waves, but for us this week, it was the departure of the Vomhof neighbors that got our souls sinking into a mishmash of emotions. Still in denial, we watched the UHaul makes its way up to their freshly wreathed door, like a one-eyed monster that was about to steal all their stuff and whisk them away to Prairie Village, the place where now 98 percent of all of our friends who are family live.

As the brown-colored boxes were whisked in one-by-one, I felt like doing a Grinch move and putting a stop to all the madness. All the Whos in Who-ville looked thrilled about their new adventure ahead - heck, Mike was even helping with the big stuff! But alas, I sat perched with a shrinking heart thinking of all the things I would selfishly miss: seeing Leah taking care of herself by running rain or shine, the bounce of the basketball while Arlan played with the kids, Sydney trotting down the street in a tutu on a cell phone and the boys rigging skateboard ramps on the drive. Then there are those moments one never forgets, like running the first ultrasound over for a set of best friends to share, swapping syrup and eggs when life made it too hard to get to the store and spending the evening talking at the kitchen table as the snow fell silently around you. It's the guys nights filled with beers, the casual drive-bys for no reason at all and the familiarity and love of two people you care immeasurably for, living right next door. There is nothing quite like it.

As the tears roll down my face just blogging about this, I have to wonder: is it because it is our ultimate dream to move back to PV that drives the sadness or is it the regret of moving into this home that's never yet felt like a home? Is it fear of friendships losing intimacy with just a few more miles of distance? And then I know...

It's that the Vomhofs are just so freakin' cool - and we love them with whole hearts. We are amazed to watch their dreams unfold and know they deserve nothing but the best of memories that are still to come. And with each of these memories we will still stand strong, in love, friendship and support as the years tick by. Congratulations on the amazing house, friends - we can't wait to watch you make it a home!

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Unknown said...

Hi Meg -- I finally had a chance to get caught up on your blog tonight b/c we finally got our internet hooked up today in our new home. And I'm sitting here w/ tears in my eyes...thank you for your kind words. We miss you already. Your friendship is important to us and we won't let just a few miles get in the way of that! :) Love you!!