Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Girl Can Dream

"So, I have a proposition for you," I say to Mike, watching him fight rolling his eyes and quickly creating a 10-page list of what THIS one will be.

I shared my little secret of the appointment I had sat through the day before, spending nearly two hours at Wirken photography, literally shedding tears over a family I had never met, the life of their 18-month old daughter becoming so real it was almost as if she was mine. Having come in to discuss portraits, the idea was immediately discarded as Tyler shared his new concept of following a family around for four hours of "normal day," capturing all the little moments that for our family, are more meaningful at this point in our lives than awkwardly trying to convince a 14-month old to pose in the fall leaves, perch on a cutesy blanket in some bizarre, white, clean home or ride a rocking horse the child has never even seen before. I imagined what this would mean for our home: a wall full of photojournaltic shots of our child's unique, goofy grins, his new Frankenstein toddle, the pointing, the way he tosses his blanket over the edge of his crib as he sends me a goofy grin, our moments tucked in the chair reading stories, stealthy food transfers between he and the dog, the runaway car down the driveway, the look of complete concentration as he studies his toys, his ability to select books, dance to Toddler tunes and so much more. Hours, minutes and fleeting seconds of pure magic. And for a mere $500 for just the shooting and editing time, it too, could be mine. Sigh.

Check out the sample here and don't tell me your heart doesn't melt:

Normal Day session from Tyler wirken on Vimeo.

I'm off to open a credit card or something. I don't know - maybe sell a kidney. Or my car. After all, who needs to get to work when you have these beautiful memories hanging in your home?

PS: Mike so didn't vote yes to proposition drop $1k on photographs given we need a new dishwasher, Christmas is around the corner, etc. etc. Although, he has promised to shoot a normal day this weekend. I'll keep you posted on how it all turns out!

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