Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It’s official: he’s walking.

Cruising around the house in pursuit of all things amazing at all new levels, his arms straight ahead, mimicking Frankenstein in an effort to build his confidence. His hips are spread wide, feet planted firmly and a grin lines his face so big and prideful it’s as if he just announced the cure for cancer. It’s pretty great.

But the best part?

The defiant “UP!” that precedes his every start-up attempt to venture into this new mobile world. His jeans folded high above his ankles to avoid tripping, he tripods his body over his little belly and hangs his head low in the downward dog, takes a deep breath and says “Up!,” motivating himself to move forward on this new journey. His voice a little lower in pitch and much more serious, it’s like the shotgun firing before the runners cross the line at the Chicago Marathon. And you know what? It seems to work.

I’m thinking of implementing this tactic myself when setting out to do new, hard, or de-motivating tasks. Think of all the things I’d get done! “Clean! Work out! Cook! Be nice to Daddy! Take the trash out! Walk the dog! Finish that project plan!” Seriously, it could leave to productivity like I’ve never known. Great idea, buddy.

And we’re so proud of you. With each step, may your heart grow bigger and your devilish grin wider. And may you know we’re here to support you every inch of the way. It’s a big, big, fabulous world out there little man – may it be kind to you and may you find delight in its beautiful things. Meanwhile, we’ll be behind you filming it all and learning from you as you learn from that very same world. Happy walking Monkey!

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