Monday, November 1, 2010

It's About That Time

Some say I’m outdated. Or missing out. Inefficient. Behind the times.

Instead, I like to call it creative. Visual. A planner.

Either way, I’m so ready to order. To grab up my MomAgenda before it’s too late. To line it’s pages with all the events to look forward to in 2011, including my brother’s wedding, babies’ due dates, travel adventures, work meetings, new experiences for the kiddo and lots and lots of social plans. Not to mention the occasional doctor’s appointment, to-do list and goals and dreams. After all, Franklin Covey says it’s still proven that those who write it down have a much higher likelihood of completing tasks. Of course, this is the same dude who is selling daybooks.

Either way, I’m in love. And I’m not turning back. So now the question is: zebra or teal?

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