Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We'll See...

I wasn't convinced.

In fact, it had been more than once that the phrase: "uh uh - no way. This woman of substance (read: size 14) can NOT pull off skinny jeans," had come out of my mouth. Then, I fell in love with a pair of boots, that, quite obviously, were best ensembled with...that's right...skinny jeans. And so the search began.

A Nordstrom, Target and LOFT visit later, I recalled a post by my favorite blogger, MamaBird Diaries, who had the cahones to post a picture of herself in GAP's skinnies just months after having TWINS. Of course, with all the stress she was most likely under, she looked fabulous and she was natrually that way to begin with. Nonetheless, she inspired me.

And so, the "Forever Skinny" in dark denim became mine.

And what's super cool, is now I have something with the word "skinny" associated with me. In my house. And on my body. That alone is worth risking literally putting myself out there.
They're pretty comfy. Not too revealing. Sassy. So we'll see...

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