Wednesday, December 29, 2010


"Sooo, what was one of your hot ticket items you received this Christmas?" I excitedly asked the girls, catching a glimpse of Nan's new diamond ring as it lit up the room, eyeing Katie's new H&M blouse and admiring Jenny's sassy new boots. Chatting around the circle, they shared stories of their time with families and threw out items such as diamond earrings, a fuzzy fleece, designer jackets and more. When the chatter arrived at me, I mentioned the Kindle as well as some of the fabulous items below, but the real truth is, the gift of five days with my son was the best thing Santa could have ever packed in his bag. Below are highlights of some of our magical moments together, big and small…

Under the tree loot! Kindle not pictured but sure is being used! Wait - does that cookbook mean I really have to start preparing foods now?! And yes, that's a customized iPhone cover. So fun!

Stocking loot! The WTF stamp is my husband knows me so well. And now my colleagues will too...

Lawson Loot! - aka Time to Really Be a Mom:
1. New vocabulary: mostly that consists of basketball, "Ellie!" (the poor dog is about to lose her mind between the name-calling and hair-pulling; btw the cat's name is apparently "No"), Elmo, Jayhawk, fork, Bye-bye Nana and Papa, Gwanma, tent, banana, cat, elephant, Santa, Ho-ho-ho, movie, potty, Gabriella (his school crush), snack, milk, water, juice and so much more…he even received several report cards that highlighted his talking habits this week. It's amazing!
2. New faces: scrunched up and teeth bared for "stinky!" when whiffing a sock or picking up a diaper (yes, a clean one…we may not be the most stellar parents but we don't let him play with soiled dips…come on now…); wide O-shaped mouth in discovering snowmen and lighting, the most devilish grin one can muster…so much so that I have to turn away when disciplining because it's so damn funny, wide-eyed "I'm about to dance" face, a look of concentration so deep I swear he's Einstein, squishy laugh face to some joke he only gets in his head and more.
3. New abilities: chicken dance, head-shoulders-knees and toes routine, eating with a fork (even corn; hell, I can't even do that), running, darting through small spaces (this includes running away and hiding when he doesn't want to do something), biting and hitting when he doesn't get his way (awesome), stair-climbing like an adult with minimal support, the exact sound of an elephant complete with the trunk (arm) rising up, shooting hoops on his mini basketball hoop and best of all: dance party USA:

Hope your holidays were as merry as this little guy feels…and as much as my heart has expanded to make room for all this joy...

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