Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa Baby

Anyone that has a toddler knows that 98% of the time, things generally do not go as planned. In this case, the little guy had been sick for several days, while Mommy caught the brunt of it last night and this morning. Not to mention he's totally off his schedule, teething and is nearing the green stage of a recovering black eye. But none of this kept us from visiting Santa. Ok, that and we all know my affinity (read: obsession) with planning and the need to leave the house daily. So off to the North Pole it was for us.

I'm pretty sure Santa forgave the shiner, granted Lawson all of his well wishes for the world (because he's so not asking for toys, I just know it. Ok - maybe 150 books because the boy is obsessed.) All in all, it was a fine time with jolly ol' Saint Nick. The very same one that at just three months old, the babe slept through and almost slipped through Santa's slippery white gloves. Yeah - I go back to that whole don't plan on things going as you anticipate thing to recover from these things…

And bonus: I witnessed a darling little girl dressed to the nines greet Santa in a way similar to Cindy Lou in the Grinch. Precious. And she called Lawson "pretty cute" and turned beet red. I love her already.

So yeah, despite any minor setbacks, this Santa visit was a success. A+, Santa. A+....

Download image here (because I don't have the patience to work with their zip files!) - this was our fav of three images. Enjoy!

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