Saturday, December 4, 2010

Makin' a List

And believe me, my friend, I've checked it twice. Twice a week, most likely. Because I totally have issues and love things. I can't help it. I, Megan Choate, love things. And I know exactly what those things are.

Which is why no one ever deviates from the list.

Unless you're a professional (core group of girlfriends, and most of the time, Mom). And no, not my husband…

So here's what it's looking like this year so far:

1. Black sparkly TOMS
2. La Plates monogrammed handbag in camel (based on Style Scout's recommendation)
3. Sebon face and body products (because I'm just starting to look and feel old and these are delicious)
4. Money toward swimming lessons or Kindermusik for the little guy
5. Anything from Nordstrom
6. Anything made with sentiment or love or focused on Mommydom
7. New iPhone cover (because I've finally tired of pink)
8. "Take a Break" care - massage, mani, pedi, facial, etc.
9. Jewels (I admit I caved to the Borsheims sales gal, who in turn emailed my husband a ridiculously expensive image that he scoffed at - but hey, ya gotta think big)
10. Dishwasher

And to be completely transparent, we've already scored the new Apple desktop. It's heavenly. And yes, we are completely spoiled inside and out. And no, this isn't at all what the holidays are about. But this post is, so let's just leave as indulgent for now, shall we?

And do share: what's on your list this year?

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