Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Turned on to Sabon

It arrived today - the package of luxurious deliciousness that I fell head over heels for when I was a poor graduate on a Boston trip, seemingly never to be seen again. Rediscovered in Chicago on a recent business trip, I made the excuse that a full-time job (ok, two of them because being a Mom totally counts for at least one career) to splurge a little and bring these products into my home. And I could not be more thrilled that I did!

If you haven't heard of it already, stick it on your Christmas list: Sabon. For you. For your hubby. Your Momma. Your girlfriends. Did I already mention you???

The products in this line are uhmmazing, made from natural oils, healing, preventative and you can pronounce and identify all the items listed that line the insides of the jar. Plus, the peeps that work there are ridiculously helpful, don't pressure you into anything and help you identify what is reasonable for your budget. There aren't many around, but they are of course willing to ship to you at any time, and with their reasonable prices, it's just not all that bad. In fact, it's good. Really, really good.

If you wander in, they'll seduce you with their sugar scrubs - scents so spa-like and lively that you'll feel the weight of your thoughts slipping away as you massage your hands in their stone sinks. Even my Mom fell for you it, and well, you know how she is. The woman has been wearing the same lotion for more than 30 years and wastes no time, energy or resources on the beautification process. Now, the jasmine scrub is all hers - and she's thrilled. Meanwhile, I was seduced by the eye cream (La Mer clients are quickly converting according to stats and ps, they are saving a boatload of cash!), the night serum(because I'm shocked at how much older I look each day when I wake and peer in the mirror), the foot cream, the daily soap cut fresh from a bar and of course, the body scrub. And before I forget, I grabbed an aftershave salve for the hubby. It smells all manly and is ridiculously healing - perfect for the dude who has to attack his face twice per day.

So with this arrival I told my better half I will start to look like a new woman….

Ok, so that may not be entirely true, but I'll sure smell like one. And be delighted like one.

And that is worth it's weight in products…

This ad not brought to you by Sabon, but rather through a shopaholic, only spends ten minutes getting ready but likes to sass it up and look the part, Mom of one, friend to many, full-time working, help me I'm aging gal just trying to make it in this world. With authenticity. Grace. And really great skin...

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