Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mommy May I?

As many of you shopaholics know, adding a baby into your own family or a close friends provides the perfect outlet to expand your habits beyond shoes, handbags and jewels to shop for the wee ones. And this opens a whole new door, including toys, teensy outfits, itty bitty shoes, gear, food, decor and so much more. And it gives our addictive nature the false sense you're doing it for someone else. So really, it's the perfect marriage!

In addition, another door opens (it's more like a bright, glaring window) that allows you (or in some of our cases "forces us") to venture into shopping for Mommy. Here's what's on my Mommy hot list right now:

1. The "Stinky Bum" bag from Momma Coutoure: a diaper wristlet of just the perfect size, it's available in the hot colors of bronze and gun metal and easily attaches to any of your gear or can be tossed in your tote. In addition, in tiny letters, it says "Stinky Bum" and "Momma Coutoure" on either side, complete with pleats and washable, Kate Spade like fabric. It's so London. So chic. And mildly inappropriate. Love. I snatched one up in silver for myself from the "Kooky" boutique in Chicago and plan to wrap it under the tree just for me. We'll see if it makes it. It's perfect for Moms who's kids are getting just a wee bit older and are outgrowing the large diaper bag stage.

2. "Mom's One Line a Day" Journal: for Mom's on the go that want to cherish every minute! A five-year memory book that includes five lines for each day to write down the precious moments, like a quote, milestone, thought, or special event. Plus, it's pink for Mom! So great because so many resources diminish for memory capturing after their first year, and that's only getting started on all the magic they provide, day after day!

3. Sophie's friend: made by the French company Vulli, it's the perfect addition or replacement for Sophie the giraffe…or it lets you be just a little bit different as Sophie is becoming main stream. Made of the same material, it looks like a little smiley, alien-like critter with all the right teething components.

4. Storytelling flash cards: though it's made for ages 3 and up, it never hurts to get your little one's imagination flowing by holding up a colorful image and working together to create story around it. Affordable, unique and innovative, plus works on their development? Yes, please!

5. Snack Happened Reusable Snack Bags: zips, water-resistant, washable, green and award winning - a darling way to tote around those snacks. Comes in all sorts of patterns and are a great size to toss in your diaper clutch or purse. My Mommy friends can probably bank on one being under their tree this year!

6. Toddler Bistro Box: because it's just hard to feed a kid. Especially when you don't like to cook or know what eggplant really looks like at the store. Quick flashcards with easy-to-prepare recipes that include all the right nutritional components and a diverse taste for their ever-growing palate.

7. Pregnancy and New Baby Journal: because we, as Moms, never get tired of asking the question: "is my child 'normal'?" or curious about where we stand with milestones or whether we're doing anything right. A day by day look at your child's development by age - perfect for newly pregnant and new Moms.

8. The pirate tooth box: for the little boy in your life…a tooth box you can create a whole story around as it's captured in a black pirate chest, marked as such and tied with chains. A unique take on the concept and so boy!

9. Thinsulate's Bear Paws mittens: roasty toasty mittens shaped like bear paws so your kiddos will love how their fingers feel and look, while keeping them protected from snow and ice. Plus, you don't have to try and put their little fingers in the holes - an impossible task!

10. Any item of clothing from GAP Kids or Old Navy: affordable, timeless, a little trendy and makes your son look like a little man, and your daughter the most darling on the street. Can't go wrong here!

Every time I hit the stores or online, there's something new. And I heart it all.

After all, don't our little ones deserve all the best?

Ok, ok - as the Beatles said, all they need is love. But it sure is fun to shop for them a little on the side too...

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