Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Girl Next Door

Not all of us have the luxury of actually enjoying our neighbors…you know, ones you borrow eggs from, swap kids’ stories with, exchange books and invite to sit out on the lawn.

But lucky for me…I do.

My neighbor is kind enough to invite me into her home – to let my toddler perch on her Santa’s lap, to purchase super-cool toys her kiddos have outgrown from her basement and to be available when I walk over in the wee hours of the night to ask what exactly I do with my newborn who won’t sleep. And tonight, she hosted a ThirtyOne party which was touted as a girls’ night out and it did, indeed live up to it’s name.

Normally, these parties aren’t my thing because they always happen to fall when Mike has a death threat over my head if I spend a dime. But I’ll always go because hey, I gotta support my girls and there’s never a bad time to indulge in light apps and wine. And in this case, I’m a sucker with anything with a monogram, paisleys or ribbons on it…so sign me up.

So although nothing became mine overnight, a wish list I did create and will manage to slip to Mike before my next birthday. Because a sassy little item at a totally reasonable price (ok, or maybe the robot toddler backpack with L’s name on it) from My Thirty One is the perfect gift for turning 31, don’t ya think?

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