Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Great Bra Exchange

Whether you tout your undergarments as “over the shoulder boulder holders” or you’re still waiting for your time to come, or maybe you’re like me and you’re just not sure WHAT happened to yours after that baby came along, there’s never a wrong time to purchase a new bra that makes you feel sassy, lifted and all around bad-ass about yourself. Even if you are the only one seeing it these days…

And now, there’s even a more perfect opportunity for you Kansas Citians to pop into Claire de Lune, a little lingerie boutique that puts up shop over in Hawthorne Place across from Town Center. Specializing in fancy things and all size bras (we’re talking A-K here people), everything is luxurious, pretty and all around guaranteed to give your spirit (and ta tas) a bit of a lift this winter. They even sell “Hot Milk” nursing bras there, along with a collection you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, the most fabulous employee in town is there to help you out, so give Ms. Jennie a shout and plan to get up close and personal with her with a customized fitting. Even better, they are doing “The Great Bra Exchange,” where you receive 15 dollars off your purchase when you bring in a gently used bra, which then goes to a woman in need. And who doesn’t have one of those tucked away in their drawer? All those ones where the wire just doesn’t feel right, that no longer quite fits or just made you grumpy one day so you refuse to wear it now? Pass it on and get yourself a new…all the while helping out a gal that could really use it.

Happy shopping, lifting, nipping and tucking…all without an ounce of surgery. Enjoy!

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