Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top 10 Things the Little Man is Doing These Days

The January Edition

1. Waving like Miss America: to strangers, loved ones and even those who aren’t looking. It’s social. It’s precious. I give it an A+ on the wrist curve.
2. Saying “I love you”: enough said.
3. “Raking”: a newfound love of brooms and swiffers means spiffier wood floors for our home
4. Mopping: with Kleenex and wet wipes, any surface that looks questionable
Wait, am I starting to sound like someone who employs children for labor? It’s really his Zodiac sign that’s the issue here…
5. Bus watching: we spend our 8-minute drive to day care delighting in all the yellow vehicles that pass us along the way. So much so that I find myself continuing to point them out and shout “BUS! BUS!” on my way to work, despite that no toddler is sitting in the car seat in back.
6. Spiking: his hair, soccer balls, basketballs and balloons. He’s even created a game where he spikes a toddler ball against the headrest of the car over and over again to protest that no DVD machine yet lives there.
7. Solo reading: he’ll sit for literally 12 minutes (a toddler miracle) in a private corner to carefully explore pages of the soft cover, paper lined books.
8. Bossing: the dog, Daddy, me, the cat…really anyone he feels he just may be able to push around after a tough day on the playyard. “GO Ellie…NO Ellie…Sully eat…Mommy stay home…Daddy wear hat…”
9. “Walk”: a hand tug, a curious glance up and the sweetest, most innocent face that says “come with me…I’ll show you the world.”
10. Matching: finding so much pleasure in waiting, just waiting, for his teacher to hold up the same item he has in his hand, so he can prove that yes, he has one too. Game of Memory, here we come!

And apparently, impersonating the legendary Michael Jackson...

You know what? I'm loving every minute of every one of them.

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