Monday, January 10, 2011

Shockingly, this post isn’t about my attempt to squeeze into some once-fitting jeans, but rather my ongoing addiction to the trash entitled “The Bachelor.” I just.can’t.stop. But hey, it counts as productivity if you sorted laundry, answered some emails and cleaned the bathroom on commercial breaks, right?!

You know how I feel about lists, so here goes…

Top 10 Observations on This Evening’s Show:

1. Girls fall madly in love with drama. Boys, on the other hand, don’t fall madly for those that do. No more drama mamas for him – go Brad!
2. Melissa is crazytown. Desperation, tears and pulling of the tube top dress does not for a good wife make. I’m all for this when you need to pull the stops out down the line, but not on day two. Come on, girlfriend.
3. Emily is someone I would even date (ok, marry) for her flawless looks, southern bell charm, sincerity, class and mommydom. Plus, I totally get her missing her child and feel her pain in her big, gorgeous tears. Here’s hoping she goes far.
4. Ashley, first-first impression rose girl Smile! He’ll notice you more. The world is not ending…yet.
5. Keltie, though she won’t join JayZ’s ranks anytime soon seemed like a lot of fun. Plus, she wears cute fedoras and jewels. I will miss her.
6. Michelle Money will cause women around the world to sleep with one eye open…as they should. Plus, her last name seems to sum up her priorities, besides herself. And btw Michelle, we know it’s your freaking birthday. You know what I was doing on my 30th? Leaving my 4 month old for the first time, pumping breast milk in a foreign city and leading a meeting for 50 people on my own in my very new job role on a day that my husband completely forgot.…
7. Brad…is such.a.dude. And if he mentions his three years of therapy again and the fact he’s a changed man…I’ll scream into a pillow. Because I can’t shout at the TV because little man is already asleep during air time.
8. Jackie went on the Start with a spa day, choose your coutoure, wine and dancing? Yes please. Even if it was Train…
9. When do we get to see more of the KS chic?
10. Then again, when do we get to see how the vampire chic uses her fangs?

I apologize for my out of character cattiness. What can I say…I too, get sucked in.

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