Friday, May 13, 2011

All Blocked Up...

and no where to go…that’s the situation with the little dude’s tear ducts.

So for the second time in less than two years, he will strap on his Superman cape and go quickly under the knife. Less than 10 minutes, painless, with amazing docs at Children’s, killer anesthetics and a team of nurses by his side. Not to mention two anxious, unconditionally loving parents tapping their feet impatiently in the waiting room.

So yah, while it’s not something we’re looking forward to, we will delight in gazing into his big blue eyes a little deeper and tear free. Unless he’s having a melt down of course…but noooooo, that’s never our little angel! Plus, no more itching and paths of salt lining his cheeks, which, let’s face it, just isn’t the trendy look he’s going for at his ripe 20-months age…

The only other thing we can think about is thank goodness we don’t have a little girl because gah knows what she might ask for …did you read about the Mom and her 8-year old with Botox this week??? And 10-year olds asking for nose jobs and breasts? Yikes…

Nah – all we’re walking away with is another small set of tubes, but this time in the eyes versus the ears. And apparently in four months we’ll just drop on by and they’ll pop them out, no anesthetics or circus tricks. Leaving me to believe that medicine continues to be miraculous. Pediatrics is an amazing field. And that we are very, very blessed that it’s nothing more than this.

So adios wonky tear ducts…soon we’ll be unblocked with plenty of places to go!

Picture: the dude at 9 months

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