Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cellar Rats

“Now where do I go lady?!” I mutter to myself in the car, glaring at the closed Broadway exit and praying I arrive in time to meet up with a fabulous group of gals. Tossing aside the GPS that I had anticipated would send me a new way in the event a key exit wasn’t up and running, I peered around corners, my eyes begging to find the right spot, then caught a glimpse of the building perched on the left – a huge relief to those who can’t find their way out of a box.

The sign read “Cellar Rat,” a well-known wine retailer on the Missouri side, known for their engaging classes, fun events and killer vino selection. Among the sparkling bottles of wine stood familiar, friendly faces, a group of gals I’ve grown to love and adore for sharing their advice, stories and support in good times and bad. A gaggle of chicks that meet once a month, perhaps never knowing one another before, to swap pictures, time with their kiddos and words of wisdom when another Mother needs it most. The Mom’s Group…a gang of more than 20 women with younger children that meet monthly at a pre-planned event to…well…be a Mom.

This particular afternoon we were meeting for the “Mom and Babycakes” event, something we only knew as a few hours that would include cupcakes and wine samples. We waited patiently after paying to see what was next, and as our octaves grew too high, we were kicked over to the side so as to let the class learn near us, and the event began.

Sips after delicious sips occurred, coupled with a few bites of delectable mini cupcakes in between as we discussed biting, sleep patterns, the “terrible” twos, the laughter we have to suppress when they’re really in trouble but so darn cute, potty training, how often the hubby helps, making time for you and more. Red velvet, lemon, Spanish wines, white and red…the hours flowed smoothly like the very drinks we were tipping down our throats.

As the last extra pour was consumed, we digested the afternoon and found it delightful, thanking one another for the experience over the past year and sending well wishes for a day filled with spoils the next. And although no gift could ever be good enough for these wonderful women that serve as my AA in life, I gave them these:

Yet another goofy poem written by me and expressing my gratitude for who they are and all that they do, and a super fun free printout that would look darling with just the right frame. So yah, it wasn’t so much lavender candles, manis/pedis and facials…but it’s the thought that counts, right?! If only I had that dang money tree growing out back…

And so the Cellar Rat soiree ended, hugs were exchanged and sentiments for a stress-free Mother’s Day sent out on the wind and we parted ways. But just for now – the month of June holds a kid and Mom event at Loose Park on swings, sprinklers and slides…woo hoo!

Thank you, Mom’s Group, for being the kind of women that any female looks up to for their leadership, role modeling, friendship and most of other, mothering. You are phenomenal and I adore you.

In fact, you’re so fabulous, I’d get stuck being a rat in a cellar anytime with you…especially if it involves wine and cupcakes…

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