Friday, May 13, 2011

Aromatically Awesome

“WHERE is that candle in this adorable store?!” I ask the shop owner, her perfectly coifed curls framing her face as she unwrapped delicious jewels behind the counter.

“Oh man – we always sell out because that’s what we burn in the store and people fall head over heels for it,” she unfortunately states, leaving me with a pouty face. Oh, and a 60-dollar shirt, darling pair of earrings and unique vase/picture holder.

Months later we return to In Clover, a just-the-right-size and manageable priced boutique in Corinth and there she sits in all her glory:

Volcano No. 6.

A scent to make you swoon. Perfect for the house or office and even the hubs. And in neutral packaging (mine's white).

In other words: aromatically awesome.

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