Monday, May 2, 2011

With Appreciation

"CRAP - that's tomorrow!" I said out loud to no one in particular, looking around shyly at my ridiculous outburst. My response was to that of a gal pal's post of her darling son rolling cookie dough in preparation for Teacher Appreciation today tomorrow, a task I had not yet documented on my growing agenda for the evening. So in a cool five minutes, I threw together this little limerick:

What are Canterbury teachers made of?
Sugar and spice
and everything nice
that’s what Canterbury teachers are made of.
A hand to hold
When emotions begin to unfold,
A hug to spare
when leaving parents is too much to bear,
that’s what Canterbury teachers are made of.
Remembering “Pickles” when off goes the light,
and grace and ease when a child chooses to bite.
Activity times that are such a blast,
And enough love and care to last.
That’s what Canterbury teachers are made of.
Lessons so strong they stick day by day,
growing their little minds in every way.
Patience, persistence and calm voices to boot,
even when you just want to tell the children to “scoot!”
That’s what Canterbury teachers are made of.
Understanding the tears, fears, questions and calls,
of the crazy helicopter Mom trying to control it all.
Knowing she just wants a piece of her child,
but trusting you in all situations, good, bad or mild.
That’s what Canterbury teachers are made of.
The only place we’ll ever go,
to watch our child flourish, delight and grow,
tucked in arms so giving and sweet,
there isn’t a single place that can compete.
That’s what Canterbury and its teachers are made of!

Ok, so not the most impressive piece of work for these amazing girls who help raise my child each day, fielding my phone calls barking about food, rashes and moods, helping him become the amazing little man he grows more and more into each day. The same girls who can describe his every move, the funny things he's quoted, the friends he's nudged elbows with for the day, the ones that tuck him quietly into his cot and celebrate his quirkiness as if he were their own. Young girls who don't even have their own children, but seem to have a deep understanding of the meaning of what it means for Moms to have to leave theirs behind to tackle the day, heartbroken and alone, with aching arms that long for their tots to be by their side. The same gals that get toddlers to listen, respond, grow, explore, develop and become remarkable, authentic little human beings.

So yah, there are no words for these girls we call teachers.

But there is appreciation...immeasurable gratitude that seeps through my very soul for the comfort, trust and love they provide for me and my family so that we can provide the best life for the three of us.

Thank you Canterbury and friends, not just on this day, but all days.

We adore you...

PS: Don't worry - the girls will get a sassy gift they'll enjoy too. After all, they probably have enough of my kiddo's art work piled around to add this piece and they are hip, youngsters who need Starbucks or nail polish or something, right?!

P.S.S.: Cheers to my besties, most of whom positvely influence youngsters each and every day with their intelligence, patience, wit and care. You girls are amazing and I can only hope my little guy gets one of you someday. Our system could use a few more of you around - thank you for all you are and all you do!

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