Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hooray for the Tray!

My friend Jenny has the kind of taste one can only be born with…you know, the one with the home you immediately want to cozy in and settle for awhile (long while), gorgeous clothes and accessories, well kept lawn and automobiles, gifts wrapped perfectly in taffeta and toile, flawless makeup and hair…and did I mention she is sweet as pie, bright and an incredible female and friend?

So speaking of Jenny, taffeta, wrap and presents, she gives the most darling wedding shower gift for her dear friends. She creates a little “breakfast in bed” soiree on a beautiful, wooden tray that includes accessories such as monogrammed tea towels, a place setting from their registry tucked with tea and homemade jams, perfectly folded and embroidered napkins, a few more tasty treats and more. Very Nell Hills. Personalized. Beyond tasteful. Thoughtful. One-of-a-kind. And just.plain.darling.

It makes you want to hug her Ashley-Juddesque gorgeous face and beg her to open a bed and breakfast.

So thanks for the inspiration, dear Jenny – here’s hoping I can recreate it with an eighth of your skills and your coaching very soon!

Hooray for the tray!

PS: If you feel like giving one to me for no reason at all, that’d be perfectly acceptable. And perfectly fine. Just…perfect…

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