Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lucky in Love

I have the kind of husband that:

...takes our son to music while I'm away at a baby shower, dancing, prancing and singing like no one is watching

...has a hot meal on the table when I walk in the door after an intense day at work.

...picks up Sour Patch Kids and a Vitamin Water about every 28 days when I crave them most.

...doesn't flinch when I steal all the sheets after finally arriving to bed at 12:48 a.m.

...silently completes my thoughts and embraces them, despite they make no sense at all.

...spends hours standing nearby as our son shoots the same basketball into the air over and over and over again, followed by a series of "you did it! good job buddy" and "you're a superstar!"

And so very much more.

Which is why I'm over the moon to spend MLK Day with him tomorrow. And all the days after.

So blessed to be lucky in love...

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