Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sock Monster

“Oh my gah, those are SO CA-YUTE!” the voices of nearly 20 girls echoed across the family room of the Mom-to-be as she tore into an adorable pair of pink and white tights. The shrieks had been going on for nearly 30 minutes as sparkly shoes, princess onesies and tutus were emerged from tufts of fuchsia and purple tissue.

“Are those Little Miss Matched?” an adorable guest with admirable amounts of energy nearby asked. Perking up as the Moms in the room began a rich discussion around matching socks and their process for insuring they stay that way that I…

couldn’t identify with at all as my track record for sending my little dude to pre-school with one brown, one blue is about 3/5 days. Shameful, but true.

But a brand that offers socks that are intentionally mismatched and calling it creative and fun? Count me in. Because I’m here to tell you people: that sock monster is real. Either that or Ellie has buried them in the backyard. Or I’m incredibly lazy.

So if you’re anything like me or just really into fashion, check out the Little Miss Matched site, grab your own set today and look at your relationship with that sock monster in a whole new light.

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