Thursday, January 5, 2012

'Twas the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Christmas season marked some of the most incredible times, from cookie parties, ornament exchanges, multiple attempts to visit the big man, trips to Crown Center and Nell Hills, giving to Harvesters, swapping gifts with friends, family and colleagues, decorating the halls, his and her traditions and feeling the magic that wraps itself all around this time of year:

But perhaps what was most remarkable about it all was seeing it through our two-year old's eyes, so filled with genuine innocence and kindness, full of questions and excitement in the tiniest of things.

When asked what his favorite part of it all was he had two responses: a) taking bites of Santa's cookies and discovering they were nearly demolished the next morning b) "slipping." Notice it wasn't the abundance of toys that overflowed the stocking and tree, the millions of events we dragged him to with an "ok I'll try it" smile or all the red and green. No - it was cookies baked lovingly and messily with his Momma, all with a signature look just by him and a pile of wrapping paper he built again and again, only to run through and come crashing down over and over.

And that my friends, is what Christmas should be about.

So glad it was and for the family and friends who helped make it that way. This season and always, we are incredibly grateful for you.

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