Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Pinteresting Attempt

Like a mug lined with marshmallows and accented with hot chocolate, Cupcakes and Cashmere is one of my weekly guilty reads. For the past few months, I've marveled at blogger extraordinaire Emily's fingernails, perfectly poised and different in nearly all the photos she posts. Given my affinity for all things that glitter, her "sparkling arch manicure" has particularly caught my eye over the holiday, so when she posted a tutorial, I decided to give it a shot:
My work is not worth picturing here mind you as I did it at 3 a.m. in the half-darkness of our master bedroom (note unclean edges, etc.) , but it still makes me smile. Which is a lot these days given seven weeks of illness, a few crazy weeks at work, the post holiday lull and the third trimester right around the corner. By the way, your non-dominant hand will take a bit of patience to tackle!

I went with OPI's "Teenage Dream" as the sparkle base coat, then arched it with Essie's "Off the Shoulder," since the best holiday is just a month away. 

This is as pinteresting as I get minus some of those delectably easy cookie recipes, and I'm thankful for the tutorial because I kept starting with the solid color then coating in the arch, which just didn't work at all. And though my arches are imperfect and likely to be bitten off in less than one week, it was a pinteresting attempt, and one that sheds a little feminine light on the cloudiest of days.

Thank you, CC!

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