Sunday, January 13, 2013

Insomniac's Delight

A perk of insomnia coupled with bed rest from viral illnesses? Good reads. Here are a few I've combed through in the past two weeks that I highly recommend downloading...or maybe even calling me at 4 a.m. to discuss. I'm ready for new agenda topics at that hour.

Like a bowl of gourmet mac n' cheese it's ravishing, and despite how full you get, you can't put it down. The ending is a major bummer, but worth it all the way through those last 18 pages. 

Full of adorable quotes and stories where you say, "omg - I thought that only happened in our chaotic household day to day," this is an endearing, eye-opening, empathetic and touching quick read, particularly for boymoms. The quote that spoke to me the most so far a quarter of the way in: "No one sets out to have a single-gender sibling set. Plenty of people get one of each. The rest of us wind up with something that looks different that what we imagined but is somehow the answer to the hopes and dreams we never knew we had." 

Go for the smaller box of tissues for this one, but a box nonetheless. Moving, a reminder of how love looks in simple gestures and how blessed you are for your health are key messages in this one. 

Happy downloading!

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