Saturday, January 19, 2013

For the Dual Owners

You'll so get this:

Classic. And though our fat feline Sully happens to be one of the sweetest fur balls around, I can't help but conjure up past images of him and tears of laughter when I see the newspaper portion or watch that paw tip over the milk.

And when the dude walks in the door and the canine is all alive with energy and is super ashamed when he did something wrong? Couldn't be closer to our people-pleaser pooch.

So for as many moments I find myself tripping over them, barking orders or just plain ignoring them as our life grows a bit more chaotic, I'll relish in the memories recreated here and many more, along with their unconditional love.

Dogs. Cats. Gotta love them (ok, the dog a little more....shhhh....).

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