Thursday, January 3, 2013

Six Down, Four To Go

Six months down and four to go...and I'm not talking football season. Though there may be a basketball tucked in there I suppose. Sure feels like it some days!

Cravings: Gushers, Sourpatch Kids and Captain Berry Crunch (and no, none of these are listed on the food pyramid in any positive way or maybe even qualify as food)

Checkups: L2 is measuring right on par and passed all his exams, even noted as "one of the most active boys we've seen in the womb, so you better sleep now."

Best compliment this trimester: "You look skinny!" (I'm also uncertain if she was sober)

Rants: limited patience and loss of charcter, sudden inability to make small talk, insomnia/fatigue (if you can really put those together), back pain, anxiety and the worry of dividing my heart into even more pieces, the hubs loses a bit of empathy in round two and when you're not pulling a Kate Middleton as much with number two, my hairdresser decided to give me a Mom cut since I'm becoming one...again?! Mini meltdowns over important things such as the amount of gummy candy in the house or any episode of "Parenthood." Thank gah "The Bachelor" starts next week and my mind can return to numbness.

Raves: haven't tossed the cookies as they say in over two weeks, the limited wardrobe is easy to sift through, strangers become oddly kind, you can limit sledding to one hour vs. three in 15-degree weather, prenatal massage, extra help from the family and the magic of imagining a household of boys scampering about, filled with love.

His space: coming together! The crib is up, drapes and bedding selected, storage secured and months zero through six hung nicely from L's stash. Thank you Pinterest!

His big brother: growing more excited but a little hesitant, at times requesting a bottle or sleep in a crib to align with the "Peter Pan syndrome" of never wanting to grow up or fear of being replaced. Heartbreak!

Child care: secured! Can't wait to watch him grow and thrive in the same environment little dude did. You know, pending we can afford it. Yikes! I guess we could give up eating or something...

Looking forward to what third trimester will bring!


Unknown said...

Love it! You look great!!!

Unknown said...

Love your blogs!! You look great Mama Megs!!! Love you!!!

Unknown said...

Love your blogs!! You look great Mama Megs!!! Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Dont worry about anything, Megs. Everything will come together. You look great!