Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Place to Play

And create boundaries from bounding pups, sword-thrashing older brothers, curious cats, vicarious neighbors and the not so graceful grandparent or two.

Plus, it's a great barrier from all that dog hair that likes to hang out in the shag rug. Blech.

It's the jumbo foam playmat from Verdes, the perfect play place for the rollers and shakers but not yet crawlers as a way to provide a place to roam a bit larger than their kickmat. Easy to clean, configure, store and lay on any surface, it's affordable, safe and fun.

So thank you Buy Buy Baby, for keeping me on your mailing list and featuring this little product. We adore it! Even Little Dude finds it just the right surface for Ninja Turtle fights and castle guy battles.

Get down on your knees and play and make one of these mats yours today!

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