Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Bucket List: Aiming for Apples

"It's here, just around this bend," I said, taking in the beautifully painted countryside and home, watching as families scattered across the lawn enjoying a fall afternoon. As we pulled into the Cider Hill Family Orchard, Little Dude began rattling off his expectations of how we'd spend our time there, starting of course, with the ducks:

Among the leaves blowing gently across brick paved sidewalks, gravel roads kicking up dust, the smell of campfire and cider, shouts of children's voices as they swung high in the air, kettle corn baking in the sun and laughter of friends and family, we found ourselves enjoying the property's nooks and crannies. Chatting with the owner, she made light conversation with the kiddos, convinced her husband to take us on a hay ride and even let L head into her personal backyard to pick the last of the apples as their harvest had nearly been depleted due to frequent visitors.

Apple picking: a check on our bucket list and a whole lot of delightful memories to go with it. Quiet, relaxed, affordable and full of fresh air, it's a family treasure for the fall, even if you only have a few hours between naps. A-plus in aiming for the apples!

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