Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Bucket List: Painting Pumpkins

"So yes, just grab a pumpkin, some paints and plan to enjoy the park afterward with the rugrats," I giggled into the phone, talking with one of the beloved moms that meet monthly in our informal group to connect, share stories and well...drink and vent at times. Because, although parenting is frequently sunshine and rainbows, it isn't always, so having a network of gals who gets it is survival 101.  Queue the MOMS group here...

As lunch grew nearer on Saturday we were met with a nearly perfect fall day, the glow of the sun cascading through the thinning leaves, temps requiring just a sweatshirt and the sky the color of azure in the crayon box. Running late of course, I was met with the prepared mom set first, a picnic table laid out with a drop cloth, crafting supplies and delighted looking little faces in smocks. Gleeful, they decorated their pumpkins for nearly 20 minutes (a marathon for toddlers), then sent off to play for hours among the monkey bars, slides and perfect nooks for hide and seek. Meanwhile we settled in for a motherly chat in between watchful eyes and swing pushing, talking solids, diapers, pre-school woes and more.

All in all, it was a delight.

Thank you Moms, for your influence, stories, support and love. And for really crisp, fall days that remind you what life is about. Oh, and for understanding why a diaper needs to be changed on a picnic table due to unforseen circumstances. You gals are the best!

If you're interested in connecting with us, please message me - we'd love to have you!

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