Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Momfessions - October 7 Week

1. With my return to work travel, Little Dude has decided to retaliate with a few bathroom incidents here and there. In other words, he's sh*tting on the idea of his mom doing this whole work on the road situation we have going on. Point taken, my friend. Point taken.

2. Things are starting to get a bit dire up in here with the sleeping situation -or should I say lack of snoozing situation? You know it's bad when the hubs and I take turns like those wind up pop up toys and say "which one is that?!" in reference to one of our squacking children at any hour. We likely look as creepy as those toys with our catawompous hair and dark circles. Good thing those boys are innocent and cute and we've worked at our jobs long enough for our colleagues to be cool that we've given up hope on looking pulled together.

3. Virgin territories where pumping or nursing has occurred in the last two weeks: hay bales, FedEx copy room, airplane, hotel public restrooms and a gym. It can be done. Message for confidence, details and insane comments people will say to you as you pursue these avenues to feed your infant.

4. Watching movies with our four year old is like hitting the theater with your grandmother. There is a loud, incessant, clarifying question every 45 seconds that is key to their entertainment and enjoyment of the flick, even if it is the 178th time they have seen it. Try to look at it as another teaching or engagement moment with your loved one...and bring booze.

5. Reaching the season where coats, mittens, hats and warm socks are required nearly makes me want to hole up all winter long and just park ourselves in our home with books, games, television and creative adventures. Then I remember I like my sanity. But really, where is the LEAN process for getting children in and out of fall and winter gear?! Not to mention finding the damn accessories on any given day or hour.

6. Sophie - seriously. WHY did I not think of her? More than 20 bucks a pop and loved and adored and found in every home of children under two? Damnit. She's been a godsend with the pearly whites wreaking havoc in our home.

7. Our oldest has been informed that if he sticks his tongue out, a bird will snatch it up and fly off with the thing. Don't judge: they use this at school. And it's Montessori. For the record, this little white lie is totally working.

8. I've already started redecorating Squeak's nursery. I can't tell if it's because he's my last baby and I'm already starting to panic that it's parading by so quickly so I'm using my only method of control of keeping him tiny, or if I truly was sad that it wound up so differently than my original vision. I'm going to go with B and my sudden loathing of primary colors.

9. Though we're awfully proud of Squeak's new rolling trick, we do wish he'd continue to master it during the day. Buddy: we don't want an invite to the circus every 20 minutes through the evening, particularly when your biceps turn to rubber and we suddenly have to rescue you. Choose a side man - we all gotta conform someday.

10. "Mommy - you fell asleep on the page again!" is a phrase heard a bit too frequently in the evenings these days. Aye ya aye.

How is your fall kicking off, Mama?

Also, big thanks to Breanne for the shout out this week - I'm glad you're having some mommy moments with your new amazing daughter!

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