Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Monday Momfessions: October 14 Week

1. Shortly after delivering my 10-pounder, I questioned one of the OBs on the longevity of the "skin apron" that had magically appeared at my waistline. Her response was that she generally tells patients that what you have left at six months post partum is what you are left working with. So...I have one week to go all six pack on these abs. Sh*t.

2. "Friends": you provided no warning that four could potentially make three look like child's play. Holy cats. I don't know if it's the Claritin, if a nap is needed, or this is just part of the development journey, but I think Momma needs to fork over the hundy and hit up the "Love and Logic" seminar taking place at the OP Convention center next month lest we all end up in calm corner in the fetal position.

3. Note to self: at least hit a dim light before the big morning embrace with your wee one. This will prevent you from having to change your "I actually tried" outfit due to an escaped diaper in the night. Hey, at least it wasn't poop on the dress this time, right? Right?!

4. If you ever wanted to know the number of times you could forget to secure storage to the bottom of your pump parts before dispensing in a day, go ahead with 100%. It's possible and I have a ruined keyboard and pair of jeans to prove it.

5. This weekend marked a few changes I may not have been quite ready for: lowering the crib for rolly mcrollerson, trekking the infant swing down to the basement, installing the johnny jumper and hanging a whole set of new hand-me-downs in a larger size into the closet. These are things I used to get a bit giddy about given the sense of freedom and restoration behind it all, but something about knowing this is our last kiddo and it's all flying by makes for a small pang in the heart. It did not help at all when a colleague placed a four day old, full head of dark hair, caramel skinned, bow-wearing newborn in my hands last week. Ay yay yay. The surgery is scheduled people: don't get too excited. The cost of daycare and our sanity is still at stake here. The positions at Team Choate have been filled and we feel complete with our amazing boys.

6. A 40-minute standoff over a jacket can happen. And it won't be until you get to school that you finally get to the core of the issue, which was that a hood was required to be Ironman at recess. Why didn't I think of that?!

7. I didn't know that shoe tying and name writing could bring one to tears. Watching the sense of accomplishment, pride and concentration on Little Dude's face during these moments of aptitude warm my heart in every little crevice. So proud of how he's blossoming these days!

8. Oh Nosefrida, how you tempt me with all the sniffling occuring in this home. But alas, the conjured images of potential unwanted bodily fluids reaching my mouth stop me every.time.

9. I'm just going to go ahead and ask again: HOW do you people keep your house clean? Apparently I can't even make it into my own bed anymore at night as witnessed by my face planted in my laptop in my child's bean bag chair for three nights in a row. Awesome parenting.

10. Before there was Nana doing errands, there were highwaters. Thank you Nana, for helping one four-year old save face at pre-school. Mickey undies, two mismatching socks and highwaters may have officially sent our sensitive kiddo over the edge. Thanks to you, we can put a few less pennies in the "couch" fund this year.

What's on your mind these days, Momma?

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Breanne said...

Dude, trust me...the Nose Frida is the shit! I have the weakest stomach ever, but I caved when my pediatrician told me it was the best solution around. There's physically no way for anything to get through the tube and into your mouth. There's a big sponge filter between you and the boogers. It is super effective and such a time saver. I was totally over the bulb syringe in about 3 seconds, and the Nose Frida saved my sanity.