Thursday, October 3, 2013

National Homemade Cookie Day

"National Homemade Cookie Day" is likely the hottest appointment that's crossed my Outlook calendar this year, hence I gladly accepted. Chalk it up to a team of all gals to recognize this ever-important holiday and celebrate it with all our might. Here's what I concocted along with my favorite little chef:

And boy were they a hit! Delicious, gooey and of course easy to make, they were a bit like a freshly made apple muffin spread with a caramel/cinnamon frosting. Perfect for fall and easy to drop off to the much appreciative pre-school and daycare teachers, this one is worth pinning and taking to one of your many fall events. Plus they have applesauce as a main ingredient so surely they're somewhat healthy, right?!

Happy baking!

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