Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Now That's Customer Service

"Excuse me Miss, what are you here for?" a shorter gentleman sporting a bow tie and clutching a clipboard asked me with slight interest, slight threat as he kept the other eye on the growing line.

It was the morning of the iPhone 6 launch, potentially one of the worst days for one's iPhone 5 to go on the fritz and become totally unusable. In short, this gal needed service, despite hundreds of people crowding the Plaza corners to obtain the latest and greatest. Expecting the worst as he shuffled through his iPad and notebook combo, I was stunned to hear him say:

"Please proceed to the wooden table on the left and they will take care of you immediately."

This was quickly followed by a suspicious look at my husband, assuredness that yes I knew him and he was not going to run off on the sidelines with a 6, then we were shuffled to the nearly empty store, their system of delivering the newest model all managed to the awaiting customers outside.

Within minutes, one of the laid back, friendly support dudes had me all set up, confirming my battery was part of the 5 recall and requesting I come back in an hour. Even better, with a quick search of my email address, he had an alarmingly awesome amount of information he needed to protect my phone, diagnose it, leave it in there care and return after a yummy lunch.

And again, all on the launch of the 6 day. Wowza.

Nearly two hours later I return to a fully juiced phone that held it's charge, all items reinstated, cleaned and ready to roll. Nearly hugging the device (attachment disorder), I thanked them profusely and marched past the six blocks of folks waiting in line to get reacquainted with my well-functining 5.

Did I mention they were handing out coffees and waters and remaining uber professional and friendly with all the line goers? Including the ones simply there to preach Jesus?

You go Apple.

So if you have a 5 and the battery is pooping out on you super fast, go get diagnosed and see if you're within warranty or part of the recall. And hit the Plaza Apple store. Perhaps a fabulous dude in a bow tie will be your superhero too.

PS: after that if you're hungry for cake, hit the Hen House on Antioch. That kind lady also upped the ante by cutting me fresh yellow and chocolate cake to assure me of it's deliciousness. And delicious it was...

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