Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Selfless Selfies

"Hi Mommy! You're sending me SO MANY notes...but I guess I like them. You'll be home in three days!" my five year old said breathlessly in the 12-seconds of attention he'll provide on FaceTime during one of my business trips. I giggled as he made faces at himself in the reflective app, focused on his mirror image and not at all stressed that mama was away.

Which is just what a traveling Mom can hope for!

Given leaving little treats and notes daily was beginning to be a bit much when I was on the road, I moved to sending him daily picture messages to let him know I was thinking of him and bringing home a small trinket from the town in which I was working (of note: I do NOT recommend Mexican jumping beans, thank you very much Phoenix - can you say up all night?!). He was also uber pumped to find a little notecard tucked under his pillow for my first night away, along with a countdown sheet posted to his closet.

Please forgive my "just awoke" look - 5 a.m. in Phoenix equals 7 a.m. in KC and this mama never seemed to get the pic done the night before.

But the beauty of it all is - they don't care. They just know you're thinking of them and they're loved.

So send a few selfless selfies next time absence is making the heart grow fonder. It's cheap, easy and fun. And best of all, it's the little thing that makes a big difference to the little things.

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