Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Bang Up Job

"Um, I just saw you an hour ago in a meeting...did you get BANGS over lunch?!" asked a co-worker incredulously, this kind of activity far from the norm of running to Target or the closest fast food joint.

Given my three other coping mechanisms had met quota (current furniture arrangements are ideal, trying to lost some LBs so chocolate is out and consuming adult beverages on site is frowned upon, plus who has dollars for shopping?!), I went with the next best thing: change of appearance.

So yes I did get bangs over lunch, thank you very much.
It's likely they'll only last a week as they tend to complicate my three minute morning hair routine and require maintenance that I just don't have the tolerance for, but for now they're fun.

And fun is just what I need right now.

Thank you, Stem, as usual for the bang up job. They're a nice reminder to not take life too seriously and that things can change on a dime. Or a five-dollar tip...

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