Monday, August 25, 2014

The Silver Lining of Sick Days

"Yeah - if you could hook me up with a Gatorade, I'd be ever so grateful," I said to my husband groggily, my body aching from nearly two days of camping out in bed, not changing positions to avoid waves of nausea. My heart also ached from the sounds of my boys playing downstairs, asking for their mommy and the sound of familiar chaos that generally accompany weekends.

To top off a challenging three months of hormone whateverness (augh - womanhood), I managed to catch a little bug or bout of food poisoning in the middle of the night Friday, rendering me helpless over the weekend and canceling the last of our summer plans. Finally accepting that quality family time and crossing more items off our August bucket list was not on the agenda, I gave in to my body, who seemed to be saying "don't move an inch lest you feel as if you're on a cruise ship during the world's wildest hurricane." Even those magic pills I held onto from pregnancy and sea bands weren't strong enough to fight this virus. Water was not even my friend.

Le sigh.

So the days gave in to hours of "Sex In the City" - nearly 11 hours to be exact - followed by the movie. And though these sick days were not some that can sometimes result in reflective gratitude, I did find a little silver lining in there, which is:

I have friends like these.

Circles of them. Those that text and offer up soup when you're sick. Those that call in the middle of the night after a tough chat with their husband. Those that find solace in the circle in the loss of a child. Those that celebrate birthdays, entrance into grad schools and PhD programs and your children's birthdays. Those that can find room for a dance party in a living room. Those that spend sunny afternoons at the pool as you watch your growing families delight in the summer nearby. Those who offer hands to move, host events, help your extended family and don't judge you for asking such first-world questions such as "do I need bangs?" Those that share they are no longer in love with their career, the next step in their dreams and all the real things in between. Those you can ride in the car with and say nothing at all. Those that hug and say "love you" with each greeting and departure. Those that you don't say for years in between but at that first coffee it's like no time has passed at all.

It's pure magic.

And extra bonus: mine are not fictional.

So see, there is a silver lining to sick days: it gives you a moment to rest, relax and check out of the day to day to focus on what really matters and find gratitude that's always there, but sometimes hard to keep at the forefront when deadlines call, bottoms require diapering and cars need oil changes.

So thank you to my very own Mirandas, Carries, Samanthas and Charlottes. You know who you are and I love ya to pieces. (Note: not all are pictured here!)

And in sickness or in health - you are my life's silver lining.

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