Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hunting for Camo

"Yeah, Mom - EVURYBUDY should wear army stuff. It will be so cool!" he said excitedly, his constantly tiny limbs moving even faster in motion than a regular day. He went on to daydream further about his party, yet another year hosted at Pump It Up, this time an army theme given his year-long obsession with "guys," endless hours spent having imaginary battles on our bed and of course, much to every BoyMom's slight dismay, love for toy guns.

So you know what army means, right? Camo!

Luckily this season it's not hard to come by, the shorts lining most clearance racks and what's coming in for fall available in several colors. And while finding pink and gray camouflage was not the easiest trick in the book, we scored some ribbon for the favors and the following outfits for our little non-hunting family:

For the birthday boy, courtesy of Old Navy

And the little brother, courtesy of Old Navy

And Mommy, again, courtesy of Old Navy
Daddy will likely sport a GAP crew in army green. And from what I hear, guests are already preparing their ensems for the jumping event.

See you there, soldiers!

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