Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rage Against the Rash

"Yeah, so maybe it's because you moved to bigger diapers and the moisture isn't wicking away like it should," my boss said, the scientist and mother in her surfacing to help me out with my first world problem of extreme diaper rash.

And right she was. As always (shameless boss plug!)

So now when we go to rage against the rash, we follow these steps:

Ensure he's in the right size, style and material diaper. With all the options out there, it's hard to pick just one cover for the rear, especially when cost weighs in. For kiddos with extremely sensitive skin, there's usually one brand that is the only answer (for us it's Pampers Swaddlers). And size matters! Though a range is listed and your child will generally fit in one or two, pay close attention to how his/her skin reacts when making the switch, particularly with moving up. If red, flared and open-sore skin becomes the name of the game, head back down a size.

And when the rash does rear it's ugly head:

Try cornstarch. Sprinkle the natural cornstarch directly onto their bum and red parts. This removes the moisture without adding any chemicals and doesn't tend to further irritate their skin. Plus they kind of laugh when you pouf it onto their little behinds. (Boss - again, you're a genius. Shameless plug #2).

Follow that with your favorite diaper paste. Create a sort of cornstarch/butt paste concoction and slather it all around so the irritated skin is covered.

Wrap up with Calmoseptine. Use this magic potion designed for geriatric patients battling the loss of their system to keep skin clear, smooth and calm.

Then kiss their little heads and tell them you love them. Follow this with "is baby ready for potty training?!" in your most sing-song voice.

Complete this little ritual and wa-la. Tomorrow's booty should be as good as new.

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