Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In Form: Tracking Down the K Uniform

"Whoa, whoa, I have to WHAT?!" my oldest asked, his eyes growing bigger as he clutches the loose, silky lining of his basketball shorts. "You mean I have to wear HANDSOMES everyday?!"

And suddenly, the hopes and dreams of Montessori Kindergarten are dashed.

Missing the regular cutoff date, Big L starts kindergarten through Canterbury in early September. With this comes - you guessed it - uniforms! Not something I'd been privy too or was required to wear in my lifetime, I shook off the whole conformity feeling of it all and thought about how much money were saving and the ease of the mornings and got a little perkier about it all. And off we went to track down these items that fit the protocol and found:

Old Navy Flat Front Slim Fit Khakis

Old Navy Twill Pull on Khakis

GAP plaid shorts
Given our big guy is incredibly thin, these were the best fit for us, providing length with the ability to cinch inches at the waist. And the twill ones are incredibly light weight and easy to move in, not unlike the beloved squishy pants. Both come in navy. Paired with his red branded polo, we think he may even be quite dapper...

So use all that fast cash and savings and grab the rest of your uniform wear this month - it's not too late!

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