Sunday, September 28, 2014

Five Diamond

"Um, yah...I've never stayed in a place quite like this before," I said slightly under my breath as our car pulled up, the mood lighting, quiet music and friendly faces reminding me of what it might be like to arrive at some exotic place like Hawaii. And though no flower boa was strapped to our neck, we were in fact whisked away via golf car to gorgeous rooms complete with marble countertops, beyond a Westin bed, view of swaying palms and cool waters, a couch for lounging and an inviting coffee kitchen that made even me want to take up drinking the stuff in the wee hours of the morning.

We had arrived!

Though our stay at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Arizona was for work travel, each jaunt to the conference room left me wishing my husband was by my side, enjoying the cooler breeze in the evenings, treating me to a spa day right on site as he enjoyed exotic beers at La Hacienda, taking a dip in the pool, then ending the evening with a cocktail at the poolside bar complete with seaside spray. Each employee was kind, helpful and checked in with a smile and it seemed even our clients were at an extra ease at the resort, taking fewer phone calls on breaks but rather enjoying the warmth of the sun patio side. All food served was impeccable, the decor shimmering and updated and the lengthier jaunts more beautiful than the one before. The pool featured a waterfall, floating tubes, cabanas bigger than our queen bed and little umbrella drinks available at all hours.

In short, it was a slice of heaven for we corporate wanderers.

So although it won't likely be until well after retirement that a place like this will be possible on our own dime, I'm grateful for the chance to go while on the job. So save your pennies and do the same, won't you? And get a 90 minute massage and some guacamole at Hacienda for me! Oh and that really darling bracelet at the gift shop too...

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