Saturday, April 10, 2010

Maybe Rap is the Answer

“What are you rockin’ out to in there?” I ask Mike, delighting in his multi-tasking of laundry folding and TV watching. “Oh – this crazy Census commercial,” he says half-heartedly, reverting to his duties and preparing to flip to sports.

As the advertising/marketing side of me rears it’s curious head, I grab the remote from him and rewind the commercial, taking in the slogan, thinking of the target audience and all those other sick things we past journalism students seem to do when really we should walk to the refrigerator on commercial breaks like most normal people. After processing, I too return to my regularly assigned Saturday duties, yet hours later find myself quietly humming: “You caaannn’ttt move forward, until you send it back….”

“What the???” I mutter to myself.

So I’m not sure if all these commercials crossing over to the booty shaking genre in an attempt to win over the hearts of the millenials is working or not, but hey – it seems to be sticking. Look at me, singing it hours, even days later. Now blogging. Geez.

Maybe rap is the answer…

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