Sunday, April 25, 2010

You Know You're a Mom When...

Week of April 25

1. Your ideal vacation looks like a few days away from the office, just at home, snuggling with your little one.
2. Your back starts to feel like its 90 years old from balancing your 20-pounder on your right hip.
3. You split your lip at least twice weekly playing kissy faces with your tot. Mind you, your tot also ends up with teeth indentions on his skull. There is a reason their heads are 90 percent of their bodies their first year. Call family services!
4. Meals at restaurants now occur in shifts and frequently include jaunts around the establishment to visit other innocent customers.
5. The greatest joy is heard from your child’s laughter, hearing him say “mmmmmmaaa” and convincing yourself he’s saying “mama” and watching the hand reach for you nearly melts you on the spot.
6. Your return to sleepless nights becomes even harder than you remember…damn those teeth and ear infections. Are they really necessary?
7. At this point, you find more joy in friends’ announcing their pregnancies than your wedding day. Welcome to the club – now you’ll understand me!
8. You strategize for hours how to remove your child from the big boy car seat while he’s still sleeping so you can accomplish at least one thing today.
9. Your heart aches when you’re required to run errands – you’d rather be at home taking in every movement, moment and magic.
10. Your heart expands in a million places to accommodate the growing unconditional love, amazement and undying passionate you have for your little being.


B said...

Your little boy is so adorable!
Hope everything is great!


Dwyer family said...

Does he seriously weigh 20 pounds?? I'm so jealous! Seriously, though, he is just precious, and I can totally relate to all of your "motherisms" -- thanks for sharing!
Love, Beth