Sunday, April 25, 2010


“What is he doing?” I exclaim to Mike quietly out of one corner of my mouth, the other twisting into a half-smile while I give a little wave and push the stroller over a series of concrete bumps.

“Be nice.” Mike says, a constant defender of his gender.

“I just don’t get it...” I say, my voice trailing off as I watch our neighbor whisk a shammy over and over the same spot on his yellow Mustang, the shine sending beams of light into the already blue, flawless sky.

This was not the first time I have seen this kind of love for the yellow Mustang occur in this driveway. As a matter of fact, it occurred daily, and though I can appreciate a good car when I see one, I constantly search my soul for why someone would choose to, on a daily basis, kick its wheels, shine its windows and stroke every surface for hours on end? And what is his wife doing while all this occurs? As far as I can tell, the vehicle makes no outings. It doesn’t pay bills. And it ain’t growing money out of its windows and doors. So what’s the deal?

Sure, I get it. You’re a manly man. You can afford a Mustang. And sure, I’ve even avoided rolling my eyes (ok, so I was doing it internally) when a gentleman chose a seat outside to watch people oogle his Lamborghini on the patio of a restaurant on the Plaza. But I gotta say, I’m not sure I’ve loved anything that much! I mean, the love of my life is my son, but let’s be serious, that boy doesn’t even get a decent bath everyday. Some days it’s a little swipe, swipe under the double chins and we call it good. So I ask again – what is the deal? Really, I’m trying desperately to understand. No judgment here – just curiousity. Ok, maybe a little judgment…

So friends, what’s with all the TLC? Do you, too, have a vice like this? Because I want to hear about it. And become the receiver of all this love. Because seriously – it looks like a good gig.

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